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[Hip Hop History] Did Dr. Dre steal the sample for Next Episode?

Ever wondered where this wildy popular introduction came from? Everyone has heard Dr. Dre’s 2001, even if you aren’t a fan of rap music. “Next Episode” was one of the most iconic songs of its decade (Yes, it has been

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[The Playlist] Speak!

(The Playlist is a new feature spotlighting an artist that we’re listening to. Anything from popular to underground that we happen to be playing.) You probably haven’t come across this artist before. A quick search to Google will leave you

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The Rise of Flatbush – A Brief Background

It should be no surprise that The Underachievers have caught on so quickly; they released their debut mixtape “Indigoism” to largely positive feedback. A crisp, unrelenting flow over a series of airy Clams-like beats (ex: T.A.D.E.D., Herb Shuttles) struck gold

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