[Hip Hop History] Did Dr. Dre steal the sample for Next Episode?

Ever wondered where this wildy popular introduction came from? Everyone has heard Dr. Dre’s 2001, even if you aren’t a fan of rap music. “Next Episode” was one of the most iconic songs of its decade (Yes, it has been over a decade since its release). You’ll be surprised to see how many other artists have pulled the same sample from the original, or even from Dr. Dre’s own song.

There really is only one place to start. The original is a composition by David McCallum called “The Edge”. If you’re a fan of NCIS, you may recognize the name. “The Edge” was originally released in 1976, but David still acts today. He plays the the medical examiner on the show NCIS.

It gets a bit more interesting from there, though. Before Dr. Dre released his version of the sample, another artist beat him to the punch. “M.I.A.” (different than “Paper Planes” famed M.I.A.) released “Missin Linx” in 1998, almost a full year before Dr. Dre sampled released his sample of the beat. So did Dr. Dre take the beat from this lowly rap trio?

Who really knows what song inspired “Next Episode” but that iconic riff continued to attract more artists to its sound. Let’s take a look at some other artists who used the same sample.

No Regrets – Masta Ace (2001) [Not terrible]

Somebody Needs You by Lo – Fidelity Allstars (2002) [This shit is different]

America’s Most Hated – Kevin Federline (2006) [Can Kevin Federline actually rap?]

Good Morning (A Nice Hell) – Bronze Nazareth (2006) [Sounds like a broke MF DOOM]

Transporter – Mazaradi Fox (2007) [It’s so cold in the D]

So as you can see, its really rather irrelevant who did it first, because Dre did it best. And now you can go talk about this at a party with someone who doesn’t care at all.

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