[The Playlist] Speak!

(The Playlist is a new feature spotlighting an artist that we’re listening to. Anything from popular to underground that we happen to be playing.)

You probably haven’t come across this artist before. A quick search to Google will leave you wondering if he even exists. In an internet age where an artist’s name is their brand, this plainly named rapper often gets lost in the search engines and melded with millions of boring sites. With a little internet sleuthing, you may be able to come across a couple songs he’s featured in. I’m here to guide you on your journey into Speak!.

Our journey begins in the most unsuspecting of places, a Kreayshawn video. “Fire Truck” was actually the first time I found Speak!, though his verse isn’t mentioned anywhere on the song. I’m still not sure how I found it, but I’ve always wanted to work this video into a post because it is Kreayshawn’s only good song. Anyways, introduce yourself by listening to this.


You probably aren’t hooked at this point and I don’t blame you, that was a Kreayshawn song. But let’s assume that you are interested. You want to check out his mixtape now right? Click on the picture, yo.

This is one of those mixtapes that you put in your car and forget to change for a few years. It features beats that are a little bit off center and some references that only a hipster art goon would be able to throw out. But most of you probably won’t listen to whole mixtape, so let me guide you through my top tracks (in no specific order).

The Rose Parade –This song can only really be described as a dark self-portrait with an angsty flow.
Yall Know – His song to the critics. It has a lot of nice word play and an extraordinary sample.
Pyrite and Rhinestones – A different feeling trill beat that only an art goon would use.

If I haven’t sold you on Speak! yet, then check out his youtube channel. He doesn’t post often, but when he does it is usually a solid song. You can also find many of his other videos linked here. One, “Ronaldo”,  features a beat by Syd tha Kyd of OFWGKTA. Or check out this Knocksteady episode where Speak! goes thrifting.

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