[News] Macklemore Releases Statements Regarding Allegations of Selling Out

Macklemore went under fire by many of his fans when he changed the words to the song “Wing$” during his performance at the 2013 NBA All-Star Game. The song was a statement against materialism influenced by organizations such as the NBA, that force children to think they need the newest pair of Jordan’s. In response to his critics, he finally released a statement explaining his rationale and why he chose to take the actions he did. Read more after the jump.

You can read the whole statement here regarding the video.

Macklemore states that he had no input on the changes and didn’t even know they were being made until he showed up. The biggest questions come from the last few lines of the song where he states the “These (the shoes) are what make you cool,” which runs completely contradictory to the premise of Wing$. While he validates his actions well, I believe that the fans may still feel justified in their feelings of betrayal. Macklemore has stanced himself as being an opinionated rapper who is attempting to be a catalyst to social change. If this situation were surrounding a song such as “Same Love” he would not have gotten away so easily with his actions.

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