[Song Review] The Underachievers – Leopard Sheperd

The Underachiever’s new mixtape, “Indigoism” has been on repeat for me since it was released. The album is a depiction of new-age conscious rap, toting themselves as prophets coming to save the masses from their droll lives. Despite the vast amount of plays I have given the tape, one track that seemed to have slid under my radar was Leopard Sheperd.

This track, specifically, serves as a self-proclaimed anthem to The Underachievers movement. Starting with AK’s first verse we can already see this is apparent:

“UA to the death of me, my specialty’s bulldozing
I’m chosen for the throne so I’ll get it eventually, hater”

This is nothing new to UA fans, they are doing what they always do – proclaiming their greatness. This narcissistic expression sets the pace for the song, though, as they will continually beat their conscious raps into our cranium.
The theme picks back up when we first see the chorus:

“Stupid Nigga
Y’all ain’t on your plateau nigga
I got em saying ‘Oh My God’ ”

Again, this self-proclaimed enlightenment and cockiness are nothing new to UA fans. It seems a bit like they are beating this into our heads right? Leopard Sheperd becomes a herald of their views due to the repetition; they make this song their anthem by constantly parading their views in the most egotistical style possible.

As an anthem, it is important to represent the group as a whole, including their thoughts, ideas, AND goals. The UA movement is not simply 2 men making bold claims about their consciousness, but rather a group of men focused on enlightening others.

“An angel told me in a dream, like Neo ‘I’m the One’
So I’m out here freeing souls from they bondage to the love
U-N-I-T-Y, Free my people, now we fly”

This may be one of the most important lines contained on the entire cd. This is one of the first times that UA reveals that they actually do have a goal in mind with all of this Indigo theory (nonsense?). This is contained in Issa’s verse and clearly shows that he believes his music can also enlighten the masses like they have been. By revealing their beliefs, they hope to free us from our “bondage” to the materialistic possessions which we love.

AK completes the song with one final verse in which he continues to tout the group’s beliefs. While there is nothing particularly significant about this verse, it does cement the feelings of greatness and the overall anthem tone of the track. AK leaves us with a call to action, of sorts, in this last verse:

“Them days are getting shorter, Life is getting harder
The youth is getting conscious, our generation is stronger
Generating to greatness, ain’t no need for that fake shit”

This is the perfect summation of the views of the movement and rounds out the end portion of the anthem rather well. It serves as a brief summation of their views and where they see themselves going, without all of the bullshit.
You have to respect The Underachievers for putting out something so seemingly controversial. The Indigo Theory and enlightenment may have been laughed off had they not fully committed to those ideals. This anthem is a “Fuck You” to the haters (see line 2 of AK’s first verse) and a rallying point for the followers.

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