Chief Keef: The Second Coming

Chief Keef has been serving his 2 month sentence for violating his parole and allegations of refusing to pay child support, which has left a void in the constant churning of the Keef rumor mill. Luckily, we wouldn’t have to wait long before hearing more rumors from the Keef camp.


Reverend Corey Brooks, who is known as Chicago’s “Rooftop Pastor”, claims that Keef is planning on turning his life around after his sentence. During a visit, it was expressed that Keef wanted to be baptized after his release and turn over a new stone in life. So can we expect a surge of Christian rap from Keef upon release?

I wouldn’t go that far. With Keef’s heavy alleged involvement in Chicago gangs, it will be hard for him to break loose from their oppressive chains. At only 17, he is still highly impressionable and will likely return to his old “300” crew. Nonetheless, Rev. Brooks believes that Chief Keef “is not a bad kid”, but rather that he just has a misperception of what is important around him. With an increased support group, maybe we can see Keef begin to start taking his music seriously.


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